Holganix Program



We even have to refrigerate this product! It contains active living ingredients to stimulate growth naturally. Holganix is a non-poisonous, food grade product.

Biological Soil Improvement Program…………… Holganix
Science is improving….you can affordably improve your soil….better soil = better lawns/plants.

Holganix is a bio-nutritional. This means that it works with a probiotic approach,promoting more efficient use of the soil’s surrounding nutrients while utilizing organic food-grade edible ingredients. It contributes to a more robust ecosystem in and around your soil and plants, adding to your lawn/plant’s overall health. In short,bio-nutritionals promote healthier lawns/plants, and healthier lawns/plants make for a better ecosystem. It makes other aspects of lawn care work better from soil improvement.


  • Fewer Weeds Naturally
  • Fewer Insect and Less Disease Naturally
  • Natural pH Adjustment
  • Improved Root Development
  • Better Drought Resistance

Program Details

  • 4 applications per year (March-August)
  • 1.5x normal lawn application price
  • Liquid Application
  • This program is a regimen and improves your soil over time


To approve the program for your lawn just contact us: 336.656.1264 – service@lushlawns.net
To learn more about Holganixl visit www.holganix.com
Thank you for your time and your business!


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